Making Of A Strass Chanel Handbag

The craze for crystal handbags and shoes is at its peak. Everyone wants to own a handbag and wear a pair of shoe which has been beautifully studded with crystals. However, when out buying these crystal accessories for yourself, have you ever wondered how are these heavy stones fixed to your handbag and shoes in so fir a manner that they do not come off even after rough usage of the same? The answer to this question lies in the process of strassing. Strassing is the term which has been given to the process through which shoes and handbags are crystallized. Therefore, next time you buy a Strass Chanel handbag, remember, that it got its name from the process, which was used to attaching those beautiful crystals on it.

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Requirements For Strassing

The process of stressing is actually not a very difficult process. What makes it difficult is the fact that it is a tedious process and requires a lot of work to be done.  The first and the most important requirement for stressing is that of a good quality handbag or shoe and the crystals which are to be attached to it. One needs to ensure that all the material used in the process is of excellent quality since, you do not want that you put in so much of effort and end result looks shabby or comes off simply because you used cheap quality products. Whether you are buying a Strass Chanel handbag or any other crystal handbag, the process of attaching those crystals on them is the same. The first step in the process is to select the bag on which the crystals are to be attached and then arrange for the design of the handbag. This will help in knowing the exact number of crystals which will be required in the process. People normally use 4-5 mm crystals for the borders and outlines and the rest is filled in with 3 mm crystals. The quantity of the crystals required will depend on the size of the handbag and the design of the same.

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Don’t Compromise With Your Image And Buy Only An Original Chanel Swarovski Crystal Handbag

If you are a true lover of handbags and like to collect all the different styles, colors and brands of handbags, then surely you must have a Chanel Swarovski crystal handbag in your collection. This crystal handbag has become a rag with among the celebrities across the world. These handbags are totally exclusive and have been designed specifically for the tastes and needs of high profile celebrities. The crystals that are used in these handbags are true Swarovski, which are believed to be the best and the most expensive crystals in the world. 

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For Class Buy True Crystals

There are many big brands that are coming out with their own line of crystal handbags, but are using fake crystals in their handbag designs. This is basically done with the aim of reducing the price of these handbags are making these bags affordable for the general public as well. With more and more celebrities using exclusive crystal bags like the Chanel Swarovski crystal handbag, the craze of such crystal handbags among the general public is increasing. However, bags made with real Swarovski fall very expensive, sometimes more expensive that a diamond necklace, and hence it is not possible for a normal person to buy them. Therefore, many handbag manufacturing companies have started to design handbags using fake crystals. However, if you are a true celebrity and want your handbag to flaunt your style and class, then it is important hat you stay clear from these fake handbags and go in for only the original Chanel handbags made from real crystals only. These handbags are a status symbol for these celebrities and any compromise on their part with respect to the quality or brand of these handbags can have damaging effects on their own personal celebrity image. 

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Therefore, if you too are conscious about your image, then make sure that you buy an original Chanel Swarovski crystal handbag and not fall for some cheap fake version of it. 

Christian Louboutin Crystal Shoes Are One Of The Most exclusive Brand of Crystal Shoes

As a girl, our fascination with crystal shoes starts at a very young age, after hearing the story of Cinderella. Keeping in mind this fascination of girls for crystal shoes, there are many shoe brands which have started the designing and manufacturing of crystal shoes. Today, every shoe shop across the world has a complete range of crystal shoes on display. However, not all of these shoe brands deal in real crystals. There are a very few select shoe companies who are supposed to be the real big names of the industry who manufacture crystal shoes using premium Swarovski crystals. Christian Louboutin crystal shoes are one such brand of crystal shoes which uses these expensive and exclusive stones for the designing and manufacturing of their crystal shoe range.

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The Target Customers

When you are into the manufacturing of shoes which are as exclusive as Christian Louboutin crystal shoes, then your target customers also become exclusive personalities. These shoes extremely expensive and in some cases their prices may be higher than the price of a piece of jewelry and hence, people who can afford to buy these shoes are generally big celebrities, sporting personalities and persons belonging to the big corporate houses around the world. The target customers for this range of shoes are not the people who belong to the upper middle class or who are rich. The target customer base for these shoes is the ultra rich people of the world.

Single Design

Crystal Shoes

Since these designs are so exclusive and meant for equally exclusive people, therefore it is only obvious that the design for each of these shoes is also exclusive. There is no mass production happening here. A particular shoe design for these shoes is used for the manufacture of only one pair of shoe. Therefore, a design once sold never gets repeated and hence, no two celebrities, even living poles apart, will ever end up wearing Christian Louboutin crystal shoes with same design.

Custom Crystallized Shoes Are The Latest Craze Among Both Celebs As Well As Common People

It is believed that if you wish to know the true character and status of a person, then you must look at his or her shoes. Keeping this in mind, all the big and small shoe brands across the world, are trying to come up with new, stylish and trendy shoe designs in order to match your personalities. For the real shoe fanatics or big celebrities like Hollywood stars, crystal shoes are a big rage. These celebrities generally get these crystal shoes customized as per their needs and style. The custom crystallized shoes that these celebrities wear to big functions, tend to become the talk of the town and are appreciated by their fans all across the globe.

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Represent Status And Style Of Celebrities

There is no doubt about the fact that these shoes are extremely expensive and can be compared to an exclusive piece of jewelry, it is for this reason that the celebrities spent a lot of time and care in selecting the best crystal shoes for themselves and do not compromise on the style or design of these shoes in any manner. These shoes are a style statement for these celebrities and at the same time they are also a mark of the high status of the person wearing them. A common person cannot even dream of wearing, forget owning a pair of these custom crystallized shoes.

Crystal Shoes For The Common Man

There are certain cheap versions of these crystal shoes, made from fake crystals, available in the market for the common man. Even these fake crystal shoes tend to priced higher than normal shoes, but surely they are more within the range and affordability of a common person. The facility of getting these fake crystal shoes customized is not available, since like other shoes, these shoes too, are manufactured in bulk and the economies do not allow for the customization of the same.

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Whether you go in for the fake crystal or the real ones, one thing is certain and that is at present these crystal shoes are the biggest trend in the shoe world.

Chanel Crystal Handbags Help Accentuate The Class tOf The Person Carrying It

When a woman sets out to look perfect, she needs a number of accessories to complete her look. Besides applying the most perfect make-up and wearing designer clothes and shoes, there are a few other things which need to be taken care of as well. the handbag that you carry on yourself needs to be perfect as well. There are many women who are not aware of the importance of carrying a good handbag. Just as important it is for you to wear the most amazing dress, equally important it is for you to carry an exclusive handbag. Thus, if you want to truly bring across your style and class to the people, then you need to have a Chanel crystal handbag in your hand, complimenting your Prada dress. A bad handbag can completely ruin the look for you. 

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Importance Of A Handbag

When a celebrity steps out of her car, everything about her closely noticed and scrutinized. Right from her hair to her nail polish to her shoes. Between all this, her dress and her handbag are the two most prominent embellishments that she wears on herself. The handbags that these celebrities carry in their hands are one of the first things, along with their dress which gets noticed by everyone. Therefore, it becomes essential for these celebrities to carry a good handbag in their hands. Besides like all other accessories of these celebrities, their dress, shoes, etc. handbags too are a status symbol for them. Therefore, if a celebrity who wishes to flaunt her class around, will not just wear a Versace dress and accompany it with a Jimmy Choo’s pair of shoes, she will also carry an equally exclusive brand of handbag like the Chanel crystal handbag, in order to complete her looks. 

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Thus, selection of a good handbag is just as important as the section of a dress for a party.