Christian Louboutin Crystal Shoes Are One Of The Most exclusive Brand of Crystal Shoes

As a girl, our fascination with crystal shoes starts at a very young age, after hearing the story of Cinderella. Keeping in mind this fascination of girls for crystal shoes, there are many shoe brands which have started the designing and manufacturing of crystal shoes. Today, every shoe shop across the world has a complete range of crystal shoes on display. However, not all of these shoe brands deal in real crystals. There are a very few select shoe companies who are supposed to be the real big names of the industry who manufacture crystal shoes using premium Swarovski crystals. Christian Louboutin crystal shoes are one such brand of crystal shoes which uses these expensive and exclusive stones for the designing and manufacturing of their crystal shoe range.

Crystal Shoes

The Target Customers

When you are into the manufacturing of shoes which are as exclusive as Christian Louboutin crystal shoes, then your target customers also become exclusive personalities. These shoes extremely expensive and in some cases their prices may be higher than the price of a piece of jewelry and hence, people who can afford to buy these shoes are generally big celebrities, sporting personalities and persons belonging to the big corporate houses around the world. The target customers for this range of shoes are not the people who belong to the upper middle class or who are rich. The target customer base for these shoes is the ultra rich people of the world.

Single Design

Crystal Shoes

Since these designs are so exclusive and meant for equally exclusive people, therefore it is only obvious that the design for each of these shoes is also exclusive. There is no mass production happening here. A particular shoe design for these shoes is used for the manufacture of only one pair of shoe. Therefore, a design once sold never gets repeated and hence, no two celebrities, even living poles apart, will ever end up wearing Christian Louboutin crystal shoes with same design.


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