Making Of A Strass Chanel Handbag

The craze for crystal handbags and shoes is at its peak. Everyone wants to own a handbag and wear a pair of shoe which has been beautifully studded with crystals. However, when out buying these crystal accessories for yourself, have you ever wondered how are these heavy stones fixed to your handbag and shoes in so fir a manner that they do not come off even after rough usage of the same? The answer to this question lies in the process of strassing. Strassing is the term which has been given to the process through which shoes and handbags are crystallized. Therefore, next time you buy a Strass Chanel handbag, remember, that it got its name from the process, which was used to attaching those beautiful crystals on it.

Chanel handbag

Requirements For Strassing

The process of stressing is actually not a very difficult process. What makes it difficult is the fact that it is a tedious process and requires a lot of work to be done.  The first and the most important requirement for stressing is that of a good quality handbag or shoe and the crystals which are to be attached to it. One needs to ensure that all the material used in the process is of excellent quality since, you do not want that you put in so much of effort and end result looks shabby or comes off simply because you used cheap quality products. Whether you are buying a Strass Chanel handbag or any other crystal handbag, the process of attaching those crystals on them is the same. The first step in the process is to select the bag on which the crystals are to be attached and then arrange for the design of the handbag. This will help in knowing the exact number of crystals which will be required in the process. People normally use 4-5 mm crystals for the borders and outlines and the rest is filled in with 3 mm crystals. The quantity of the crystals required will depend on the size of the handbag and the design of the same.

Chanel handbag


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